A little bit about...

Who we are

​​We are a small, Black-Owned business trying to carve out space in a busy market. Inspired by the incredibly hard-working and talented people we've crossed paths with over the years longing for a space to belong and show their personality. We built this brand to push the envelope and be bold, and while we are bowlers at heart, Royal Flush Apparel is clothing for life in and outside of the alley.

How we operate

As a small business, we prioritize relationship building and customer service with our clients. We're PROUD to have all of our apparel made in the USA! This also affords us the benefit of relatively quick turnaround times from the time of ordering to when you will have your product in-hand. We pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity, and craftsmanship -- so if something isn't perfect with your order, please let us know how we can fix it! We will do what we can to make any mistakes right.